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School Girl Rock

Just in time for back to school! Fission releases this adorable school-girl themed dress.

Dani is a plaid collared mini-dress. Four color choices (l to r: brown, blue, green and red) and each one is priced at 99L.

fissio school girl

Visit Fission’s mainstore on the Sn@tch City sim:


hair: kawaii kawaii, chocolate by illmatic
skin: candice, natural cleavage (caramel) by meghindo’s
glasses: jiggy frames, black by 7891.
dress: dani dress by fission (new)
earrings: pearl earrings by yummy

“Twisted” In The Wind

The Twisted Hunt, which runs from Sept. 1 through Sept. 30, is well underway. According to the official website, the Twisted Hunt has earned the title of  the “Hardest hunt in SL’ – and we mean to live up to that title again this time around. We promise you a full month of box-hating, obscenity-shouting, desk-kicking, brain-melting fun…”

fission twisted hunt
If you love a challenge this hunt is for you! In reading the rules of the road, the Twisted Hunt states, “The boxes are hidden, and they are small. We’ve renamed random prims in the store the exact same thing as the hunt item, so the prize finder HUDs don’t work right. We’ve buried hundreds of empty prizes boxes in the walls and floor, so de-rendering the store will make it worse, not better… and wireframe is a mess. We move the hunt boxes around, so hints change all the time and the hint pages people try to publish are useless in a matter of days (sometimes hours). This is a game of hide and seek – and you will definitely be seeking. It won’t be easy.”

For the hunt, Fission is offering up a long tank top and plaid leggings. If you are brave enough and strong enough to find it, this fun ensemble can be yours!

Check out all the other hunt offerings by viewing the Flickr group!


hair: jenna by tameless
skin: candice, natural cleavage (caramel) by meghindo’s
clothing: tank and leggings by fission (free, for twisted hunt)
sneakers: tdr special sneakers, lilac by the dressing room fusion

On A Bed of Roses

Jewelry Fair 2014 is now open! From now through September 28, get your hands on new and exclusive designs from some of the top jewelry designers in Second Life. To learn more about Jewelry Fair 2014, visit:

[F]oil is participating in this event and offering the stunning Enamel Rose Necklace and Earrings. Three colors each in both the earrings and the necklaces (all sold separately)– red, blue and gold. True statement pieces that are all re-sizable menu driven.

Foil rose necklace earrings
Just a word of caution. Script limits are enforced for the duration of the fair, so dress accordingly. Max scripts allowed is 50.

Teleport to Jewelry Fair 2014:

credits: hir by discord | clothing by livglam | skin and lipstick by kiko life

On Sale: Rowne


If sales are your thing, then here’s one just for you. From now until tomorrow (Monday) at 11am SLT, Rowne is having a flash sale.

So what does that mean?

The short version: everything is on sale!
The long version: All clothing and accessories are priced at 100L. Shoes are only 200L.

Below are some of the fashions and looks that are on sale. Most of the items are from Rowne, while a few are from its former band, House of Fox. Check below for all the details.

flash sale 2
click photo for original size/ image

Teleport to Rowne:

Look #1: cacao skin by alaskametro | halcyon camelot mizu makeover by mock cosmetics | donna hair by rumina | stiletto camel, brown heel by [label mode] | gal pencil skirt, sienna by rowne | minou leather jacket, sienna by rowne | slink avatar enhancement fingernails | slink metallic nail packs by alaskametro

Look #2: cacao asian skin by alaskametro | slink avatar enhancement fingernails | keri hair by rumina (group gift) | makeup – vintage glam (01) dark by alaskametro | slink metallic nail packs by alaskametro | paul structured blouse, onyx (tucked) by rowne | atrix pumps, scarlet by rowne | shiu trousers, onyx by rowne  

Look #3: cacao asian (freckled) skin by alaskametro | slink avatar enhancement fingernails | natsaha hair by rumina | creme lipstick – “fiery” by alaskametro | slink metallic nail packs by alaskametro | athe sweater – blocking by rowne (not for sale – previous group gift/ grand opening) | vivian platform, creme by house of fox | lyn trousers – ivory by rowne

Look #4: cacao skin by alaskametro | light lipgloss tattoo, golden by alaskametro | mia hair by rumina | jealous bootie, black by house of fox | chleo leather pants, oxblood by rowne | xia leather jacket, onyx by rowne | slink avatar enhancement fingernails | slink metallic nail packs by alaskametro | mesh zanzi clutch, black by house of fox

Look #5: cacao skin by alaskametro | two-faced “pinky” 01 (light) by alaskametro | laura hair by rumina | amire sandals, pale blue by house of fox | steffen shorts, navy by rowne | paul structured blouse, skye by rowne by rowne | slink avatar enhancement fingernails | slink metallic nail packs by alaskametro

all poses by label motion

It’s My Body, Right?

Time for some real talk. A real, long talk…

I am probably one of the last people in SL to look at a mesh body. Seriously. It took me forever to get mesh feet. I still refuse to get a mesh head or even mesh hands.

Call me a late adopter. But hey, I can’t run out and buy every new thing that comes along. Contrary to belief, my SL is self-supported. I refuse to go bankrupt buying every mesh part created. Besides, many of these items are not widely supported and its hard to find good creators that will support every new thing. Some will; but a lot won’t. At least not right away.

But with all that said, I was interested in learning more about the mesh body. Being a curvy girl, I wondered if a mesh body would give my avatar the roundness, softness and fullness I always wanted. After multiple tries, I finally made my way into The Shops and got the mesh body. I opened it (once), put it on and really was not wowed.

I didn’t think about mesh bodies again until my good friend Tomi told me to demo the Lena Lush from Kitties Lair. You can learn more about the Lena Lush mesh body here.  After trying the demo and fooling around with the options, I went ahead and bit the bullet.

lena taal Continue reading