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It’s My Body, Right?

Time for some real talk. A real, long talk…

I am probably one of the last people in SL to look at a mesh body. Seriously. It took me forever to get mesh feet. I still refuse to get a mesh head or even mesh hands.

Call me a late adopter. But hey, I can’t run out and buy every new thing that comes along. Contrary to belief, my SL is self-supported. I refuse to go bankrupt buying every mesh part created. Besides, many of these items are not widely supported and its hard to find good creators that will support every new thing. Some will; but a lot won’t. At least not right away.

But with all that said, I was interested in learning more about the mesh body. Being a curvy girl, I wondered if a mesh body would give my avatar the roundness, softness and fullness I always wanted. After multiple tries, I finally made my way into The Shops and got the mesh body. I opened it (once), put it on and really was not wowed.

I didn’t think about mesh bodies again until my good friend Tomi told me to demo the Lena Lush from Kitties Lair. You can learn more about the Lena Lush mesh body here.  After trying the demo and fooling around with the options, I went ahead and bit the bullet.

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LouLou Likes The Night



hair: anchor, espresso (espresso hair base) by vanity hair
skin: primeria, sunkissed by meghindo’s new
makeup: nadine eyeshadow 4 by deesses skins
lipstick: lipstick ~ natural lip dark, V3 by meghindo’s
clothing: loulou playsuit by de. boutique / livglam
shoes: jaen pump, collection by hucci
jewels: square fact bangles and earrings by 7891.
nails: avatar enhancement fingernails by slink
manicure: french manicure 2.0 HUD  by kiko life

Glowing Goddess by Kiko Life

I’ve known Osumtomi Melendez for quite some time. Probably since my early days in SL. Tomi, as she is affectionately called, had a dream to create ethnic skins that represented the wide range of hues and colors for black and multi-ethnic avatars. It was from that dream that she launched Kiko Life. You can view some of her first generation skins here, here, here and here.

Well RL took her away from the grid and Kiko Life eventually closed. But having remained in touch with Tomi, I knew she wanted to review the brand and make it better than before. Well after many months of hard work, new programs and “applier hell’ as she calls it, now Kiko Life is back! With a new look, a recent relaunch and a brand new line of skins, made just for today’s more advanced avatars.

Meet the Glowing Goddess! These glowing, luscious, gorgeous faces come in eight skin tones, do not wear any makeup and each one is named after an African Goddess/Female Divinity.

gg oya caid iya

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Natasha | Rumina

Over the past few days, I have shared a few of the new hair styles from Rumina. Up next is Natasha!

natasha by rumina 1

A thick, voluminous style that is parted at a slight angle. The hair hangs just below the breast area and frames the face nicely. A perfect style for those low-cut dresses. Even better for lounging around in your sexy undies.

natasha by rumina 2

Choose from traditional color packs like blondes and browns, the ombre packs or let loose and choose the wild pack. You can also play with the HUD and create some fun streaks in your hair or tint the flexi option. It’s all up to you!

Visit Rumina Style in-world or on the SL Marketplace.

credits: glowing goddess skin (ma’at, freckles) by kiko life |  ombre – what i want – darkeye makeup by kiko life | longer lashes by lumae | black lace body suit by meghindo’s (new!)

Who U Lookin’ At?

░░▒▓████▓▒░░NEW FROM VANITY HAIR░░▒▓████▓▒░░

stop looking
click photo for larger view

Stop Looking is the new addition to the crop of new releases from Vanity Hair. This rigged mesh style features full bangs and soft waves that touch right above the stomach. A full-bodied hair, its perfect for those daydream, fun-filled days and reflective nights.

Stop Looking is Lolas compatible and materials ready.  Available in various fun colors and color packs, all controlled via HUD, you have endless styling options. Check out the streak feature on the add, it really makes for some nice looks!

Out now at the Vanity Hair mainstore:


skin: aislynn, ebony by meghindo’s
clothing: bring it on by livglam
hair: stop looking by vanity hair *new*