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Feeling My Roots

Hello again! I am so pleased to present this STUNNING outfit from aDiva Couture called Inspiration Red Earth.

As stated by AnneJoy, this outfit is “inspired by the rich and varied cultures of Africa.”  Words really can not express how vibrant and goregous this dress is with its deep colors of gold and red.

Skin by Mojo | Makeup by Glamorize

It is a flowing, double layer, silk tribal pattern summer dress. The pattern through both skirts (combined together as one prim which comes in modify and resizer versions) features gold circles hand painted onto a glowing red silky background. The bottom skirt is trimmed in a solid gold tone band. Just as AnneJoy says, “the garment flows around your avatar body like river water.”

Skin by Mojo | Makeup by Glamorize

For those of you that like to have a ‘complete’ look, don’t worry. This outfit comes with the hair w/headband, handband alone, choker, earrings, and brooche. WOW!!!

Skin by Mojo | Makeup by Glamorize

You must TP over to aDiva Couture and see this in person!

TAXI to aDiva Couture:

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