Go Wild With Bamboo Nails

Ladies, its time to get a new manicure!

[Bamboo] Nails has released its latest editions to their scripted manicure collection.  I love these nails as they transition so well with all my fashion needs. With four different lengths, I can wear my nails super short during the day and then extra long for those late nights at the club.  What makes wearing [Bamboo] Nails even more fun, you can choose between five different textures for your manicure. Wear your nails one color or do a different design on every nail. Choose from polka dots, cracked nails, animal prints,  geometric patterns or even a dear john! LOL, tons of fun to be had.

Available on the marketplace or in-world at the [Bamboo] Nails main store.

3 thoughts on “Go Wild With Bamboo Nails

    • Khitt

      Yes, check them out. I think you will like them. The designs I showed are fun and funky, but they also have very classy/classic designs as well. I really like the tuxedo series. Let me know what you think!


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