Trishanna and Lolita by Meghindo’s

{Meghindo’s} ~ Designer Cosmetics
~ Luscious lipsticks for all the ladies ~

Gorgeous lip colors that are perfect for every skin tone. With a color palette that ranges from natural, nude, purple, red , brown — your makeups options just got a lot more colorful!

Lipsticks can be purchased individually, by color scheme, or even as a fatpack.  You also get Meghindo’s famous ‘SkinTone Corrector’ which adds even more versatility to the lips by changing their hue just a tad. And yes ladies, demos are available. Just buy the yellow DEMO color out of each lipstick pack for only 10L$.

Below I am showing the brand-spanking new Meghindo’s skin, Trishanna, with the Lolita lipstick collection.

TP to Meghindo’s: Heights/65/144/29

trishanna skin