Our Gal Kelly

Looking for that perfect gown for Valentine’s Day? I have one — just for you!

Now let me be clear. I’m not talking about a powder pink, sugary sweet, flowery or demure type of gown. I’m talking about a drama filled, skin showing, curve hugging, make him want to see more kind of gown. The kind that makes him weak in the knees and makes you the center of attention. And of course, the only store that can pull this off is Meghindo’s.


Kelly is a sultry gown, done in black, with sexy cut-outs across the bodice and legs. The gown comes with a mesh skirt along with two different flexi attachments to dramatic effects. The visual appeal of this dress is stunning — pictures don’t do it justice!


Completing the look is the Kelly skin from Meghindo’s and the Kelly hair from Iconic Couture. Sorry ladies, the Kelly hair was a limited edition run at Iconic and it is currently sold out. If ya missed it, then ya missed it.


But luckily you won’t miss out on the Kelly gown or Kelly skin. TP to Meghindo’s to check them both out!
http://slurl.com/secondlife/Ethereal Heights/65/144/29

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