Phresh Out The Red Carpet

A special post for the RiRi fans in SL!

Leave it to the ever-creative Meghindo to bring you the sexiest celebrity styles. Social media has been buzzing the last couple days over the very revealing look that entertainer/singer Rihanna wore to the CFDA awards. No matter your opinion on the ‘appropriateness’ of the venue, you have to admit that she is not only brave but comfortable in her own skin.

I know that my SL divas are all too comfortable in their pixelated bodies and skins. So to showcase those killer curves, boobs, boo-tays and whatever else you’ve got, Meghindo’s brings this controversial yet fashionable look straight off the red carpet and directly to you!

riri redux B

Let’s start with the skin.  Currently available in two tones: light and medium (which I am wearing), the skin reflects the classic look of this pop icon.  I believe additional tones will be released in the future. But for now, go get the demos or buy for 1000L each.

riri redux D
I am also wearing the specially made shape which is available for only 250L. I know, I know… it’s unusual for me to wear a shape that is not my own. But I wanted you to see the complete look and get inspired! The shape itself is copy and mod, but demos are available. So try before you buy.

riri remix A
Now let’s get down to the fashions! The gown comes with two versions–  opaque and sheer (regular sheer and sparkly sheer) in both fitted and rigged mesh. Each version has standard sizing small, medium and large. Also included to complete the look: bandana, gloves and two versions of RiRi’s steely, cool and sexy eyes.  Wow, that’s a lot! Get the fashions for only 600L 650L.

riri redux C

Alright, now it’s time to head on over to Meghindo’s to check out all these items. Get the complete ensemble, Rhianna, at the main store.

Teleport to Meghindo’s:

additional credits: ‘limbo’ hair by tuty’s | capri sabot/shoe, taupe (for slink high mesh feet) by ys*ys [available at tdr fusion] | mesh feet by slink | vintage pink rose satinette bracelet by meghindo’s