A quick lesson in Mesh Body Fitmesh Clothing – Know what you’re buying!

A nicely written post on understanding fitmesh clothing and mesh bodies.

Mesh Body Addicts

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So many moons ago (okay not that long ago), mesh clothing was introduced into SL. In order to make mesh clothing, designers established a ‘sizing’ system (Standard Sizing), because essentially, mesh clothing was static, so you had to start somewhere right? Now mesh clothing was ‘rigged’ (anchored to the body somewhere, otherwise you’d walk off and leave your dress behind!) but that’s about it.

Now we’ve evolved into fitmesh, and even mesh body fitmesh, but what do they mean?

For the normal SL avatar, fitmesh is basically a mesh clothing item that is ‘anchored’ to the body in many places, and more so, these ‘anchor’ points tell the dress to stretch wherever the designer tells it to (breasts, butt, legs etc etc) when the shape sliders are used. Now this is not a perfect science, but it works for the most part very very well, depending on how many ‘anchor’…

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