An evening with the Model’s Workshop

I was unable to attend this workshop yesterday. So I was thrilled to see Daria share her notes/tips with the wider community!

Nice summary about the basics of mesh bodies and Omega appliers.

Mesh Body Addicts


Last night I had the pleasure of speaking with the group of lovely ladies and gentlemen who came along to hear me talk about Mesh Bodies. I’d like to thank Jena and everyone who attended, it was amazing to speak with you all and share experiences with mesh bodies, and I hope I was able to give you, if nothing else, at least a tip or two to take away with you!

I promised the group that I would post my notes for their reference, so I figured I may as well blog it, that way everyone can have the cliffnotes version of my ramblings 🙂 So here goes!

The core of it – what are mesh bodies? 

So, to learn about Mesh Bodies it’s important that we start at the beginning – what is a mesh body?

A mesh body is technically an attachment. It doesn’t change the core…

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    Thanks for sharing ^^ I wasn’t able to make it either. I tried to reply back to what you had sent me earlier but for some reason the message got lol.


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