I consistently receive inquires from folks about the blog and related items. So I thought it would be helpful to put up a simple FAQ as a helpful guide for all.
1. Where did you get your shape?

My shape is an outgrowth of a freebie shape I found back in 2007. I was a noob then and didn’t know much about shapes. Since it was a mod shape, I played around with it for months. I eventually ditched the noob shape and made the shape you normally see me in.

2. Will you sell your shape?

No, unfortunately I will never sell my exact shape. I worked over a year on getting my shape the way “I” wanted it. So I don’t want carbon copies of me everywhere – how creepy that would be! However, I will give away and/or sell shapes that are modified from my original. This blog is the best way to know when/where that will happen.

And for anyone walking around with the “copybotted” shape, enjoy it. It is not my original shape nor is it the one you see me with on my blog. *smiles sweetly*

3. Why don’t you list SLURL’s in every post?

I know, I know. Bad blogger I be.

Honestly, there are many reasons. Sometimes, SL acts up and I can’t stay in long enough to get every URL. For some posts, such as the “Change Clothes” series, I will post a link only to the main item being used. Other times, the urls are well known and most folks will have a LM in their inventory. But sometimes, I don’t list them because I am lazy. LOL, sad to say. It takes a lot to blog and sometimes the reader can search it quicker than I can :)

4. Do you buy your clothing or do creators give them all to you?

I buy about 85% of the items I blog. From time to time, I will get a random blogger pack from a designer I do not know. When the designer is new to me and I have been “asked” to review an item, I clearly state that in the post.

I do receive blogger packs from some stores/designers. Please see the Blog Sponsor page for a listing of those stores and their related links.

In addition, I am a member of several in-world blogger groups through which I receive review copies of clothing, jewelry, and related fashion items.

5. Do you accept review copies?

Sure! Review copies are fine as long as I am not hounded to do a blog post. Honestly, I don’t ask or solicit for review copies because I don’t want to feel pressured. Blogging takes a lot of time and so I blog on my schedule.

I like what I like. I blog what I like. More important, I blog what looks good on my avatar.

6. Are you really “curvy” in RL?

Yessirbob! I surely am a curvy girl in the real world.

7. Where do you get those great backdrops for your pictures (the life-like ones)?

The real life scenes are courtesy of the Virtual Reality Room created by Stephane Zugzwang. In-world scenes are courtesy of KaTink (formerly Props-N-Poses, PNP).

One thought on “Q&A”

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