1. Do you buy the fashions and other items shown in your blog posts?

For posts that feature fashion or related accessories from designers that I work with, those items are often provided as courtesy, blogger and/or review copies. Please see my Featured Designers page for more info.

In addition, I am a member of several in-world blogger groups through which I occasionally receive review copies.

For all other fashions and related items, I buy them on my own. This can include purchases from monthly events (think Uber, C88 or Designer Showcase), weekly events (think Lazy Sunday or FLF) or mainstore purchases as advertised through in-world and subscriber groups. Trust me, I spend a GOOD AMOUNT of money on items that I like and often blog.

2. Do you accept review copies?

The short answer is yes! Review copies are fine.

As a practice, I don’t request review copies because I don’t want to feel pressured. Blogging takes a lot of time and I blog on my schedule. I like what I like. I blog what I like. Period.

With that said, here are few “rules of the road” to adhere to when sending review copies my way:

  1. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS send me a notecard. I can’t tell you how many times I have received a box or folder of items… and that was it. Makes it hard for me to blog items if (1) I don’t know who sent them and (2) I don’t know why it was sent. The notecard can be sent either with the blogger pack or on its own.
  2. Also send me an IM inworld. Although instant messages get capped very quickly, I receive them offline in my email account (khitten.kurka@yahoo.com) as a backup.
  3. If your item is time-sensitive, please tell me so. Knowing if the item is a limited edition, special event item or even something else if helpful. I can place a higher priority on reviewing, and possibly blogging, your item.
  4. If I don’t blog your item as soon as I receive it, don’t be upset. There could be a ton of reasons. Perhaps the item received is not my style. Maybe you didn’t include any relevant information for me to use. Also, I may have not gotten to it. But, I might still blog it. Ya never know!
  5. Finally, please don’t expect for any or everything to be blogged. This is my lil piece of the blogosphere. I like to maintain control over my space and will do so fiercely. All I ask is that you respect me and the choices I make regarding my blog.

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