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Save The Cheerleader

Hey all!

I’m finally back to blogging after some major happenings in RL — did ya miss me?

First, my computer went bonkers on me a few weeks ago. I had to completely wipe it clean and restore it to factory condition since Windows 10 decided not to load, restore, or cooperate in any way! In the process, I lost a TON of photos/looks that I had planned to feature on the blog. I can’t begin to express how angry, then sad I was as I had some really hot looks. 😞

More recently, I had surgery which has (naturally) slowed me down a little bit. I’m just getting back into the swing of things with some fun looks coming over the next few days and weeks. Thanks for sticking around and checking the blog out during my downtime.

So in the spirit of saving things and returning to blogging, let’s “Save The Cheerleader.”

Live Spelled Backwards

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Darkness and Skulls

Miss Death

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Join Me?

Join Me

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White Snake

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Red Skies At Night

Red Skies At Night

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Fight Night

Girl Fight

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