Pretty Hands, Pretty Hands

I don’t wear prim nails that often even though I love them. So it surprised me when I saw how many pairs I had amassed over the past few months. Although some were ‘cute’ (nice of way saying, not something I would wear everyday or any day for that matter), most were nicely done and showed lots of creativity. Some of my favorite vendors are Fab.Pony (no longer available), Virtual Insanity, and Love Soul. But recent additions from ABS and I ❤ Fashion have wiggled their way to the top of the pile. I recently reviewed nails from Bamboo and I totally love those too! Yea, I can see why my manicure folder has grown so much LOL.

Anyway, here are some of my favorite nail makers and nail designs. Check out the vendors and treat yourself to a nail makeover!


Now go shopping!

ABS (Art Body Store):  URL not available
Love Soul:
I ❤ Fashion:
Jamman Nails:
Virtual Insanity: